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You now have two methods for renewal- "Registered" and "Non-Registered". Below is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each method. The non-registered method is preferred for renewals up to 10 vehicles:

Non-Registered Registered
Required to create NJDEP Online Account No Yes
Maximum Numbers of vehicles that can be renewed- i.e. - "Cabs", "Single Unit Vehicles", or "Trailers" 10 Unlimited
Maximum Number of containers that can be renewed 150 Unlimited
Ability to renew equipment which is leased from another company or rental company provider No Yes
Ability to modify the license plate information for currently registered equipment Yes Yes
Ability to register new equipment during online renewal instead of completing add-on form Yes* No
Payment options Credit Card Credit Card, E-Check, Bill Me Later
Ability to complete renewal in more than one session No Yes
Summary of online renewal sent to you by e-mail Yes Yes
Ability to retrieve information about past renewal activities No Yes
* The total amount that can be added depends on how much equipment is being renewed. Specifically, the total that can be added and renewed is 10 vehicles, i.e. - "Cabs", "Single Unit Vehicles", or "Trailers". If you renew 2 vehicles you could add up to 8 vehicles, if you renew 5 vehicles you could add up to 5 vehicles, if you renew 10 vehicles you cannot add any other vehicles, etc.

Click "Continue" if you wish to complete renewal using the Nonregistered Service. To renew using the Registered service click here.

This process was designed to be self-explanatory. However step-by-step instructions are available by clicking here.

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