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NOTICE: The Air Quality Permitting Program is announcing a new general permit entitled: General Permit (GP-001A) for "Solid Material Storage Equipment." This general permit is replacing the current general permit (GP-001) for "Bulk Solid Materials Receiving and Storage Systems." This new general permit will be available on or after April 20, 2015.

NJDEP Online suggests Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 9, or 10.0 in Compatibility Mode, or Mozilla Firefox version 26 or later to operate correctly. It may not work with any other web browsers such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari. Failure to upgrade to the correct browser version may cause data to display incorrectly and may disable some features.

NOTICE: If you have an existing DEP Online Login ID, you will be subject to the increased security measures implemented for registered users on June 10th, 2014. The first time you log in after the implementation date you will have to select and answer 5 challenge questions and create a PIN (even if you already have a system assigned PIN). In addition, since providing a mail address is no longer optional, you may have to add a mail address to your user profile. Finally, you will no longer be able to change your first or last name online. DEP staff will have to do that, after receiving proper documentation from the user. The challenge questions will be used when you change your password, PIN or email address. They will also be used, along with your PIN, for certifying submissions.

NOTICE: For optimal performance, it is advised to maintain only one Internet Explorer or Firefox browser window or tab when using the NJDEP Online System.

Microsoft has ended support of the Windows XP operating system. As the operating system gets older, any security problems that arise will not be addressed. Therefore, NJDEP will no longer be supporting this operating system and Internet Explorer versions older than Version 9. At this time we cannot guarantee users employing Windows XP or Internet Explorer older than version 9 will be able to successfully complete online services. For users of the E2 component of NJDEP Online, only Internet Explorer Version 9, or 10.0 in Compatibility Mode may be used at this time.

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