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The Division of Air Quality is announcing a new General Permit (GP-016A) for "Manufacturing and Materials Handling Equipment each with a potential to emit (PTE) less than the reporting threshold for each air contaminant." This general permit is replacing the current general permit (GP-002) Confined Abrasive Blasting Equipment, (GP-003) Woodworking Equipment and (GP-016) Small Emitter General Air Permit - SEGAP.

Equipment currently registered under GP-002, GP-003 and GP-016 can continue to operate until:

  • The registrant's current general permit expiration date, before which time the registrant must register for authorization under GP-016A, as applicable, or apply for and receive approval for a source-specific permit and certificate for continued operation of the equipment; or
  • Manufacturing and Materials Handling Equipment replaced or modified, before which time the registrant must register for authorization under GP-016A, as applicable, or apply for and receive approval for a source specific permit and certificate prior to operation of the replaced or modified equipment.

To view the requirements of any General Permit, go to To register for an available General Permit, click on the Online Application hyperlink under the General Permit and follow the directions.

The Notice of Availability is scheduled to be published in the December 4, 2017 issue of the New Jersey Register. This new general permit will be available on or after December 4, 2017.


The NJDEP Dental Amalgam Portal will be closing on September 30, 2017 for updates and will not reopen until January 2018. During this time, Dental Amalgam registrations will be suspended. Further information and guidance will be posted on the NJDEP Dental Program website.

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NOTICE: For optimal performance, it is advised to maintain only one Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browser window or tab when using the NJDEP Online System.

NOTICE: For users of the E2 component of NJDEP Online, only Internet Explorer 11 may be used at this time.

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